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About Rugby, beyond the Atlantic: England – Australia, a match with two different rounds

Beating Australia in Twickenham, England won the thirteenth consecutive victory proved invincible this year. It is a performance that deserves to be praised, especially if this performance is viewed through the prism of what happened at the World Cup last year.


On September 26, 2015, England lost on Twickenham, against Wales, and a few days later, on October 3, was beaten by Australia, thus being eliminated, even at the level of groups, the most important competition of rugby world. What has happened then it was, indeed, remarkable. With almost the same group of players, England won clearly, VI Nations Tournament and later, before boarding the tour the globe, defeated Wales.


In australia, the English have defeated the Wallabies in all three matches played, and in this autumn they knelt South Africa, Fiji, Argentina and Australia.

Behold, after the defeat suffered by K.O. the World Cup, England has risen from the floor and followed a miraculous metamorphosis that has propelled it to second place in the global hierarchy, after New Zealand. Therefor, it was a great year for English rugby, crowned by last victory against Australia. It is the merit of players and their coach, Eddie Jones. Let’s return, however, the match on Saturday, from Twickenham. There is no doubt, England deserve to win because of evolution in the second half.vzcxvadvaef

The fact that the English were enrolled in this half 24 points ahead of the 5 marked by Australians relfect clearly demonstrated the superiority of the last 40 minutes of the game. What are the reasons for this superiority, it may be, however, a different story. Toothless anything without deserve winners, we can say without feat of exaggeration that this match was not of the highest technical level. Madden Mobile is a very interesting game that can be found on app stores from the category Sports. There is a vesiune which is used it is called Madden Mobile Hack.

Good things alternated with things less good. There were, and by both sides, plenty elementary mistakes, the major difference being that the Australians were decisive. As we have mentioned above, the present article intention is not to the toothless British merits.

My guess is that difference on the scoreboard was not a hundred percent result superiority of the hosts, having both a substantial weaknesses contributed guests, referees and some glitches. What was questionable, however, was spent at the preliminary stage of the essay. It seemed that the pass between Ben Youngs and Owen Farrel was before, but the referee Jaco Payper did not notice, leaving the game to continue.


In phase scored Yard essay, it seemed as English wings pushed the ball fingertips before committing and then controlled the ball. Of course, not the fault of British that the australians committed mistakes. And it is not their fault if the referee did not notice a pass before.

The difference as between heaven and earth, the evolution of the English in the first hald and the second half is not the sign of a strong team and mature. This lack of coonherence flaunted throughout the match could have cost them dearly.

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