How to track your phone if you lost it?

How to track your phone if you lost it?

Your phone had been with you just a few minutes ago, but now, when you reach into your pockets, it has suddenly vanished. You can’t even remember whether you left it at home or your car or the last place you visited. Did you leave it somewhere or did someone steal it from right under your nose? What do you do in this situation? Well, there are plenty of things that you can do. You can resort to different ways depending on the type of phone you have lost.


  1. Tracking an android phone

The best thing to do is rush to the nearest computer, open Google Chrome and log into your google account. Remember to log in to your own account and not someone else’s. Then type the words “where is my phone”? You will immediately see “android device manager” in the search list. Go ahead and open this window. The website will immediately start tracking down your phone. In a matter of seconds, the website will show the exact location of your phone.


After this, you can also lock the screen of your lost phone from the website. Choose a selected password which you can use to unlock the phone if you get it back. The website also allows you to send a flash message to your phone such as “thank you for finding my phone. Please call the number below” and then you can give a number which can be reached if anyone has got hold of your phone. You can also ring your own phone after you get close enough. This will help you to spot the exact location of your phone.

If you cannot get hold of a computer, you can have ‘android manager app’ installed into your friend’s phone or tablet and log in with your Google account. This will work exactly like the website.

  1. Cell Phone Tracker

Smartphones usually come from either of the three major platform providers that are Google, Apple, and Microsoft. All of these smartphones have a built in FindMyPhone app which is already installed on your device.

So, you can track down the location of your phone through the account that syncs to your phone. If your phone uses an iOS platform, then this account is i-cloud, and if the phone uses a Windows platform, then this account is Microsoft. Just like the android manager app, FindMyPhone allows you to track the GPS location of your phone and even lock your phone’s content, leave flash messages or even wipe out the entire data. However, to do this, you need to have an active internet connection. So, if your phone is no longer switched on, then you only spot the last place your phone was shown to be active.

If the lost phone is neither Android nor a smartphone, you can still track it down by using a 15 digit IMEI number given to every phone. If you report this number to the police, they will help you track it down.

The new cars are monitored by GPS

The new cars are monitored by GPS

GPS are becoming a very important part of modern day cars. And the importance of the GPS is to keep increasing day by day. And you can see a GPS system in most of the cars. A GPS is very efficient and helpful to track a particular location. And at the same time, a GPS can provide you all necessary guides at the same time as well. So, if you are quite new to a particular place, and if you are looking to find an exact location, in that case, it can be said the GPS is something which can be very useful for you, and if you are driving a car, then your car must have a GPS installed.


So, if you are interested in a GPS, and if you want to know about how the GPS monitors modern day cars, then it can be assumed that this discussion will help you a lot.


When you want to know about the GPS used in the modern day cars, then the very first thing you should know is how GPS works.


So, the working principle of the GPS is discussed in the following steps:

  1. In the first step, the exact location of the vehicle is spotted. And in order to find the exact location of a different vehicle satellites are used.
  2. The next thing, which should be detected is the direction of the vehicle.
  3. The travel distance of the vehicle is also detected.
  4. Then the car navigation system is appeared on the screen.
  5. And after that required map is uploaded.

The next thing a GPS does is finding out the correct route for a location. So, in order to do it Following steps are followed

  1. At first, the current location of the vehicle is spotted.
  2. Then the destination of that vehicle is set.
  3. After the destination is set, a route search happens. And generally, most shortest routes are shown on display.
  4. You can get different routes depending upon your size of the vehicle.
  5. And after different routes are recommended for you, a particular map is displayed on your tour. And it really helps.

Advantages of using a GPS for cars

There are plenty of advantages of using a track phone number in a modern day car. And those advantages are the following:

    1. With the help of the GPS, the navigation becomes extremely simple, and you can identify a place quite easily as well.
    2. When it comes to cost, it can be said that GPS trackers are comparatively low cost.
    3. GPS can work in almost any condition, and almost in every weather condition and possibly in the extreme conditions as well. That is the main reasons why modern day cars are starting to use the GPS system.
    4. A regular update is always available.

  1. If you are looking to find some nearby landmarks, then GPS can be very much suitable for you.

So, these are the key advantages of using GPS in a new car.